What Is KreziCart ?

KreziCart is an Online Caribbean Marketplace founded by Richardson Augustin and Kerwin Augustin on the 21st February of 2019 with headquarters in Haiti, Port-Au-Prince. KreziCart offers the people of the Caribbean the ability to buy and sell online. On KreziCart, the people of the Caribbean can find almost any type of products categories including consumer electronics, fashions, books, home appliances, health care and many more.


Interconnect the people of the Caribbean with each other and the rest of the world through technology and trade.

What Is KreziCart Seller University?

KreziCart seller university is a service that KreziCart offers their sellers everything they need to know about selling on KreziCart's marketplace. Sellers can learn everything from adding a product to shipping a product and more.

More infos
Marketplace: https://www.krezicart.com
Seller Infos: https://www.sell.krezicart.com