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On this course you will learn the basic of what KreziCart is

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Course overview

KreziCart is an Haitian e-commerce company founded by Richardson Augustin and Kerwin Augustin on the 21st February of 2019 with headquarters in Haiti, Port-Au-Prince. KreziCart offers Haitians the ability to buy and sell online. On KreziCart, Haitians can find almost any type of products categories including consumer electronics, fashions, books, home appliances, health care and many more.

What will i learn?

  • You will learn everything about selling on KreziCart
  • Become a Pro at selling on KreziCart
  • Become a Top seller and make millions
  • Mistakes to avoid when selling on KreziCart
  • How to make sure your seller account doesn't get banned
  • A mobile phone , tablet or a laptop with internet (You can always download the course and use our app offline))
  • Headphone (Some courses has videos)
  • Notepad (A sheet paper for you to take notes)
  • Time :)
Curriculum for this course
6 Lessons 00:02:00 Hours
What Is KreziCart ?
6 Lessons 00:02:00 Hours
  • What Is KreziCart?
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  • General information about selling on KreziCart
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  • How to buy on KreziCart
    Preview 00:01:21
  • How to Create an Account on KreziCart
    Preview 00:00:39
  • How To Change Languages On KreziCart
    Preview 00:00:00
  • KreziCart Social Media
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